Jeff Rasley

Our Routes - are Your Routes!

With world famous destinations such as The Rock Store, Neptunes Net, The Rock Inn, Malibu and the Pacific Coast Highway, The amazing Mullholland Drive and Highway, the wonderful twists and turns of The Angeles National Forest and so many more right in our backyard, we have a plethora of places we can show you that will leave you with lifelong lasting memories.

Just tell us where you want to go and we will create a custom ride just for you!

or choose from one of our tried and time tested routes that will guarantee to leave you with a smile on your face for weeks afterwards!


Here are just a few examples:

2-3 Hrs

Cornell, CA

The Rock Store is one of the most famous motorcyclist and biker hangouts in the world. Frequented by moto lovers as well as celebrities and nice people of all types, the Rock Store is an amazing place to get away from the city without going too far. Located along famous Mulholland Highway halfway between Malibu and Calabasas, it's the perfect place to come by bike or by car for breakfast or lunch and a drink on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

3-4 Hrs

Malibu, California

The original building (now the Restaurant Side) was established in 1956 by Eastman Jacobs. The location of the fryer and grill have not changed in over 50 years! The current owners, Chong and Michelle Lee, purchased the restaurant from Paul and Dolly Seay on July 4, 1991. Over the decades, Malibu and the Pacific Coast Highway have changed and evolved. Surfing, sight-seeing, and celebrity spotting have remained a staple of the Malibu experience. At Neptune’s Net, you can experience Malibu in its natural state. Enjoy the real California experience at Neptune’s Net in beautiful Malibu, California!.

3-4 Hrs

Angeles Forest Adventure

Los Angeles, California

The Angeles National Forest Adventure contains more twists and turns and more amazing and beautiful scenery than most people can handle.  To think this amount of beauty exists within just minutes of downtown L.A. is unthinkable!  But it is true!  The fact that there are some of the most challenging motorcycle roads in the country right here just waiting for you to conquer them is what makes this ride a true adventure!  Let us take you on a guided tour out to Newcomb's Ranch, or use the forest as a stepping stone to many other wonderful destinations!  Tell us what you would like, and we'll lead you there!


Pacific Coast Highway Adventures

Los Angeles, California / or to San Francisco

PCH, or the Pacific Coast Highway, offers some of the most excellent motorcycle riding one could imagine. Options are everywhere to make this a somewhat short or long ride.  Stay in Southern California and catch some seafood along the way, or go crazy and go all the way to San Francisco, with the views that made it all famous many years ago.  This is what you think of when you think of Calfornia.

Let's take you there!

2-3 Hrs

Lake Hughes, CA

The Rock Inn, not to be confused with The Rock Store,  is another famous motorcycle stop along absolutely astounding motorcycle roads.  Located in Lake Hughes, CA, the roads leading up to this point and beyond will treat your senses with delight, and we travel through farms and ranches, twists and turns, beautiful amazing forests, and so much more.  Thousands of riders make this stop in the mountains every weekend.  Let's take you there as well!

4-6 Hrs

Hwy 74, CA

Hells Kitchen is a motorsports restaurant located at 32685 Ortega Hwy , Lake Elsinore, California.

Up in the hills and trees of the Ortegas, Hells is located in Riverside County and outside of Orange County, it's a short ride from San Diego and San Bernardino Counties and not too far from Los Angeles County. 

The restaurant features indoor/outdoor dining, a full bar, big screen tv (to watch the races on), a coffin condiment bar, pool tables, starbucks coffee, hellish decor and Americana style food.  Are you ready for an adventure into Hell?

3-5 Hrs

Trabuco, CA

Cook’s Corner is considered to be one of the most famous biker bars in Southern California. It is located at the juncture of Santiago Canyon and Live Oak Canyon roads. Cook’s Corner was named after Andrew Jackson Cook, who got about 190 acres of Aliso Canyon in a land trade in 1884. In 1926, his son, Earl Jack “E.J.” Cook converted a cabin into a restaurant for miners and local ranchers. After Prohibition ended in 1933, alcohol began being sold, and Cook’s Corner became a full-fledged bar. In 1946, Cook bought an old mess hall from the Santa Ana Army Air Base and the tavern was born. In 1970, a Santa Ana motorcycle accessories owner purchased it and Cooks Corner was molded into what it represents today…an old-fashioned roadhouse. Cook’s (as it is normally referred) is still as rugged-looking as a World War II-era-mess-hall-turned-biker-bar should look.